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As a professional lithium ion battery manufacturer in China, we also support series of high quality China brands cells for your lithium battery pack customization. Since lithium batteries are important high-energy batteries, most of the batteries on the market now use lithium batteries. Ternary materials have been increasingly concerned and recognized by the industry due to their dual advantages of comprehensive performance and cost. The batteries of ternary materials have replaced the widely used lithium cobalt oxide batteries and become the new main force.

Features of ternary lithium battery

1. 500 times life cycle

2. competitive price

3. discharge current 1C-20C

4. smaller volume and weight

5.  high safety

6. popular used in e-bike,e-motor, e-car and so on


As a representative of ternary lithium battery, 18650 battery is welcomed by the industry. 18650 batteries are binned by quality into A, B, and lower bins. C-bin batteries are often recycled from battery packs. Lower bin batteries will underperform and may be dangerous. We will only provide A Grade cells, unless specifically required to otherwise, for example, some clients may prefer Grade B Chinese cells for low-cost ESS projects. We can also confirm batch-date code, run testing (like impedance/voltage/capacity), and handle other IQC requirements.


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