18650 Battery Pack

The lithium 18650 battery pack is one of the most popular lithium-ion battery packs available today. The battery pack powered by the 18650 battery, it is very reliable and boasts an excellent cost per kilowatt hour. The lithium-ion cell classified by its 18mm x 65mm size, which is slightly larger than a AA battery. 18650 Li-ion batteries are the battery of choice when designing for higher voltage and current requirements. Li-ion battery pack has easier assembly, higher energy density, variable size, difference rate for all electrical equipement and energy storage.

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With over ten years experience in 18650 lithium ion battery pack market, Vodno has grown into a trusted gold 18650 battery pack manufacturer in the battery industry. We have mature and complete battery technology from battery manufacturing to mass production. Our lithium batteries are designed to ensure maximum performance over competitors in the industry. You can learn more about 18650 rechargeable battery pack for sale below and get custom wholesale battery pack service. 

Advantage of 18650 battery pack

1. Large capacity

The capacity of the 18650 lithium ion battery pack is between 1200mah and 3600mah, if combined into a 18650 lithium battery pack, the 18650 lithium battery pack can easily exceed 5000mah.

2. Long life

The cycle life of 18650 lithium battery pack can reach more than 500 times in normal use, which is more than twice that of ordinary batteries.

3. High safety performance

The 18650 lithium battery has high safety performance. In order to prevent the battery from short-circuiting, the positive and negative electrodes of the 18650 lithium battery are separated.  A protective board can be installed to avoid overcharge and overdischarge of the battery, which can also extend the service life of the battery.

4. High voltage

The voltage of 18650 lithium battery we provide including 3.7V, 7.4V, 11.1V, 14.8V, 18.5V and 22.2V. which is much higher than the 1.2V voltage of nickel-cadmium and nickel-hydrogen batteries.

5. No memory effect.

It is not necessary to empty the remaining power before charging, which is convenient to use.

6. Small internal resistance

The internal resistance of  polymer batteries can even be below 35mΩ, greatly reduces the self-consumption of the battery. In time, it can fully meet the international standards. This kind of polymer lithium battery that supports large discharge current is an ideal choice for remote control models, and it has become the most promising product to replace nickel-hydrogen batteries.

7. Wide range of use

Electric vehicles, notebook computers, walkie-talkies, portable DVDs, instrumentation, audio equipment, model airplanes, toys, camcorders, digital cameras, consumer electronics and other electronic device.

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