Electric Bicycle Battery Pack

Li ion battery is much popular in the electric bicycle industrial, bringing us friendly environment with a lot of fun in our life. Li ion battery pack for e-bike is lighter weight, size smaller and high energy power. Lithium battery pack is the best choice for e-bike project up to now. 

Our Customer Base

E-bike manufacturers and dealers from different country, such as USA, Spain, Itay, Korean, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Isreal and so on. 

MOQ Requirement : 100pcs for each model

1-50pcs are regarded as sample order, the more batteries quantity, the cheaper the cost.  We provide UN38.3 and MSDS certification as free based on customzied battery pack if you are ebike manufacturer and dealer.

Features of Ebike Lithium Battery Packs

1. Samsung,Panasonic,LG,Sanyo or Chinese A grade cell

2. Sieko IC BMS for battery over charge,over discharge,short circuit protection.

3. High quality multifunction battery case

4. CE,UL,SAA,FCC certificate charger

5. Battery cells 100% balance before pack for voltage,resistance and capacity.

6. Final battery pack 100% discharge and charge test.

7. Waterproof and Vibration test.

8. 100% inspection of appearance and function by QC before shipping. 

9. Smart BMS with CAN, UART,RS232,RS485 protocol option. 

Electric Bicycle Battery Packs Manufacturer

VODNO is a famous electric bicycle battery packs manufacturer in china with over 10 years market experience. We have innovative technology built to your electric bicycle standards, Our e-bike battery pack including 24V, 36V, 48V and 52V. We approach every OEM partnership with openness. We will try the best to become the satisfying E- Bike battery pack supplier for you. We can offer you highest standards,utmost level of quality and srong manufacturing capability.

E Bike Battery Packs for Sale

Browse the bicycle lithium battery packs below, choose the right one in stock or contact us to send your request for custom bicycle lithium battery packs, as a bicycle lithium battery pack factory, we can provide you with wholesale price.


Types of Ebike Lithium Battery Packs

1. Sliver fish battery pack
2. Bottle battery pack
3.  Rear Rack battery pack
4.  Down tube battery pack
5.  frog battery pack
6.   Hailong battery pack,
7.   Dorado battery pack
8.   Integrated battery pack
9.   Other ebike battery pack
10.  PVC packed battery pack  
11. Your designed 

Advantages of Electric Bicycle Battery Pack

High energy density

The weight of a lithium-ion battery is half of a nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride battery with the same capacity, and its volume is 20-30% of nickel-cadmium and 35-50% of nickel-metal hydride.

High voltage

The operating voltage of a single lithium-ion battery is 3.7V (average value), which is equivalent to three nickel-cadmium or nickel-hydrogen batteries connected in series.

No pollution

Lithium-ion batteries do not contain harmful metal substances such as cadmium, lead, and mercury.

Without metal lithium

Lithium-ion batteries do not contain lithium metal, so they are not subject to restrictions on the prohibition of carrying lithium batteries on passenger planes in aircraft transportation.

High cycle life

Under normal conditions, the charge-discharge cycle of a lithium-ion battery can exceed 500 times.

No memory effect

The memory effect refers to the phenomenon that the capacity of the nickel-cadmium battery decreases during the charge-discharge cycle. Lithium-ion batteries do not have this effect.

Fast charging

Using a constant current and constant voltage charger with a rated voltage of 4.2V, the lithium-ion battery can be fully charged within 1.5-2.5 hours.

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