The Major Differences Between 18650 Battery and AA Battery

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Are you aware that particular battery types are required with certain equipment?

For equipment with specific energy needs to function well, they must use the proper power source.

Also, the 18650 and AA batteries consistently rank at the top of our list in regard to consumer demand.

These two battery kinds are well-known, but they also have distinctive qualities that set them apart from one another.

Also, we will examine and compare these well-known batteries in-depth in this article. Let's begin by learning more about the 18650 battery versus AA.

What is a 18650 battery pack?

A 18650 is classified as a lithium-ion battery and is sometimes referred to as a 18650 cell. The 18650 battery cell has a physical size of 18 mm by 65 mm.

Typically 18650 batteries are implemented in computers, electronic equipment, lamps, and vape pens. Several electric vehicles make use of these rechargeable cells as well.

18650 battery pack

What is an AA battery pack?

The usual size for a cylindrical battery is assumed to correspond to an AA battery or Double-A battery.

It is a powerful cell that might include lithium, Ni-MH, or an alkaline battery. It can power high-energy gadgets including radios, spotlights, toys, and headlights thanks to its output power.

18560 battery VS AA battery

1. Voltage

First off, the power output from each is considerably different. An AA battery made from nickel-cadmium (NiCD) or (NiMD) generally has a nominal voltage rating of 1.5V.

It puts them in a lower category than 18650 batteries, which have a nominal voltage rating of 3.6V.

2.  Current & Capacity

The average capacity of an AA NiMH battery cell is always between 2000 and 3000 mAh. Well, so there aren't many differences between this and a 18650 battery, which also has a 2600mAh capacity.

The true distinction, though, lies in the current.

The maximum current that can be extracted from an AA battery cell is nothing but a few amps, however, some 18650 batteries have an astonishing dropout voltage of 8–10 times that of an AA battery.

3.  Dimensions

Here's a little-known industry fact for you: cylindrical battery packs are given their names based on their sizes.

Consider a 18650 battery pack as an illustration. The "18" denotes the battery's millimeter-scale diameter, and the "65" denotes its millimeter-scale length (65mm).

Contrarily, AA batteries are typically 14.5 millimeters in width and 50.5mm in length.

4.  Application

The 18650 battery cell is used in electric vehicles including scooters, motorcycles, and vehicles in addition to torches, computers, and vape pens.

The AA battery cell is used in domestic appliances, remote controls, miniature lights, watches, thermometers, and portable machine tools.

However, it is important to note that the specifications established by the manufacturer play a significant role in selecting the proper battery.

As a result, it's critical that you go by their recommendations to guarantee increased quality and a longer gadget lifespan. If you are very hesitant, then consider what you need.

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